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COMPACT, agricultural machines for orchards

COMPACT, agricultural machines for orchards

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The right solution to facilitate fruit harvesting

The adventure of the COMPACT self-propelled platforms started in 2012 in the garage of Marco Marini, a young man with a passion for mechanics who wanted to find a solution to facilitate the entire process of apple cultivation on his family’s small farm, which is located in Val di Non, a valley in Trentino Alto Adige specialising in the production of apples, a symbol of international excellence.

This area presents numerous difficulties from the point of view of the conformation of the land, which has significant slopes, so the solution to be found was not so immediate.

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Passion and experience

Marco’s passion and experience in the agricultural-mechanical field and his innovative nature led him to design a prototype of a compact and lightweight harvesting platform that he called COMPACT 10.1 and immediately patented. This new self-propelled agricultural platform can be used in orchards for various jobs: pruning, thinning, orchard maintenance, anti-hail net maintenance, and even fruit picking.

The name “COMPACT” comes from the idea of creating an agricultural machine suitable for terrain on which an agile and compact machine was needed that would be easy to manoeuvre.

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Turning a passion into a profession

The COMPACT V11 fruit picking platform is exhibited at Interpoma 2014, the international apple trade exhibition in Bolzano, and finds full approval from visitors and industry professionals.

This success convinces Marco to turn a passion into a profession and to create his own company.

He then developed the original COMPACT V11 self-propelled agricultural platform, improving its stability and performance while maintaining its functionality, safety, eco-sustainability and quality.

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Collaboration with C.M.A. Carpenteria Metalliche Anaunia

The increase in demand for the new COMPACT agricultural platform model necessitated the acquisition of the project by C.M.A. Carpenterie Metalliche Anaunia S.r.l., a company with many years of experience in the metalworking field based in Sarnonico (TN).

C.M.A. proves to be a winning choice: founded in 1989 as a metal carpentry, tinsmithing and plumbing company, it has continued to evolve over the years in its services and working processes, considerably increasing its production volume, until it has become a true industrial business.

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From design to final acceptance

COMPACT fruit picker platforms are then assembled in one of the C.M.A. factories where, thanks to the employment of specialised labour, all processing stages are followed: from design with state-of-the-art 3D programmes to drawing processing, from construction, painting, galvanising and assembly to final acceptance.

Last but not least, we offer a year-round service, either directly or through our dealers for foreign markets.